The HKUST Staff Association Welfare Fund


Purpose 目的
The main purposes of the HKUST Staff Association (SA) Fund (the “Fund”) are:
香港科技大學教職員協會(下稱“教職員會”)設立教職員福利基金 (下稱“福利基金”)之主要目的為:

(1) to offer due recognition and appreciation to SA members who have made substantial contributions to the SA or the University, and
(2) to show SA’s care to eligible members and their families by way of granting financial assistance in times of need and difficulty.

Scope 範疇
The principal and income generated from the Fund will be used to provide the following awards, benefits, or assistance to eligible SA members:

Category A: Recognition, Appreciation and Care
A 項「嘉許、表揚及關懷」
 In the form of certificate of appreciation or souvenir plaque to be given to serving, retiring or departing members who have attained widely recognized and commendable achievements, or who have made significant contributions to the SA, the University, or the staff community; or
   頒發嘉許狀或獎牌予曾為教職員會、大學或大學同工作重大貢獻,又或有備受讚許成就 的現職、行將退休或剛離職之會員;或

 In the form of moral support (e.g. get-well card, fruit basket, or flower wreath) extended to SA members or their close family members who have been hospitalized, suffering from serious illness, or have passed away.

Category B: Financial Assistance
B 項「經濟援助」
 In the form of financial assistance to eligible members or their close family members in times of distress resulted from serious or tragic incidents.

Eligibility 申領資格
 All members are eligible for receiving recognition; appreciation and care (Category A).
   所有會員皆符合(A 項)「嘉許、表揚及關懷」的申領資格。
 Any full time HKUST employee who has been a SA member for more than one year (including those retired within one year) is eligible for receiving financial assistance stated (Category B).
   凡科大全職員工,加入本會不少於一年或本會會員剛退休不超過一年,皆符合 B 項「經 濟援助」的申領資格。

How to apply: Financial Assistance Request Form