Hon. Advisors & Hon. Members

Honorary Advisors of the Association 本會名譽顧問

Honorary Legal Advisor 名譽法律顧問

Mr. Man-Ching Terence Tang 鄧文政律師
Partner, Ma Tang & Co.

Serving Legal Aid Panel, Duty Lawyer Panel and Volunteer lawyer Service Specializes in Civil Litigation (including Matrimonial Proceedings, Employee's Compensations, Personal Injuries Litigation, Employment Disputes, Contract Disputes, Commercial Litigation, Property Disputes, Tenancy Disputes and Tort Disputes), Wills, Probate and Trust, and Commercial Law.

Honorary Auditor 名譽審計師
Mr. Wallace Ng (Assistant Accounting Manager, Finance Office) 吳子毅先生

Honorary Members of the Association 本會名譽會員

Prof Chia-wei Woo 吳家瑋
Founding President of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology 香港科技大學創校校長

Dr. Grace Au
Founding Chairman of HKUST Staff Association Former Director of Center for Enhanced Learning & Teaching