Intro to Caring Community

“SA cares about the bonding staff members for a caring community not only within borders of the University campus, but the local community as a whole. Their initiatives to help and care for others have been remarkably encouraging to us as an one-UST community, most of whom have been putting efforts even out of office hours.

Evidence of their contribution is not confined to recognition of the University alone, but is well proven on the public level. 

As a gesture of thanks for contribution of our fellow colleagues, several remarkable staff members have been identified and nominated to the Hong Kong Council of Social Service on an annual basis since 2006. History record on awardees of the Caring Ambassadors of the University can be found at this link.”

HKUST Staff Association’s Awardees of Caring Ambassadors

Year Awardees  Photo
2016      Codana Chan (SFAO)
Jack Chan (FMO)
Tracy Wan (CCSS)
2015 Dr. Ice Ko (LIFS)
Mr. Alfred Chau (ITSC)
Prof. Nelson Cue (retired associate member)
2014  Mr. SHEK Kin Shing (PTC)
Ms. Yvonne HO (HRO)
Ms Florence LUI (ARRO)
2012  Dr. BAI Lian (DHSS)
Dr. ZHU Lijing (EC/SAO)
Ms Jaime Shing (IELM)
2011  Ms Linda Mak (LC)
Mr Chris Tso (FMO)
Mr Doug Wong (ITSC) 
2010  Mr Albert Lam (FMO)
Ms Mecell Lee (PROVOST)
Ms Clara So (DHSS)
2009  Dr Chi Moon Li (HSEO)
Dr Virginia Unkefer (OCGA)
Mr Winson Yau (FMO)
2008  Ms Clara Kwan (LIB)
Mr K L Lam (FMO)
Ms Grace Ling (SAO)
2007  Ms Stella Cheng (FMO)
Mr Michael Choi (FMO)
Ms Emma Fung (FMO)
2006  Mr Michael Cheng (PURO)
Mr Tony Lam (SFAO)
Mr Donny Siu (SAO)