Chinese Dance Class (color scarf dance)
中國舞班 (彩巾舞)  

Date: 11 Sept 2017 to 6 Nov 2017 (every Monday)
日期: 由二零一七年九月十一日至二零一七年十一月六日 ( 逢星期一 )  

Time: 1:00 to 2:00 pmm
時間: 下午一時至二時  

Venue: UC Activity Room 101 (Sept), LG1027 (Oct-Nov)
地點: 大學中心(九月份),LG1027(十月及十一月份)  

Language: Cantonese (supplemented with English and Putonghua when needed)
語言: 廣東話 (如有需要可輔以英語或普通話)  

Instructor: Mr. CK Yeung
導師: 楊志榖  

Quota: 12 (Priority will be given to Staff Association Members)
名額: 十二人 (教職員協會會員優先)  

Level: beginner/intermediate
水平: 初學及進階  

Fee: $600 for SA member, $630 for non-member (every 8 lessons)
學費:會員 $600; 非會員 $630 (每8堂計)  

Registration: All new and existing class participants please register on-line. First-come-first-served.
報名: 新舊學員均須網上報名。先到先得 [Registration Form 報名 表格: ]

Deadline: before 7 Sept 2017
截止報名日期: 九月七日前  

Convenor: Clara So
聯絡人: 蘇小姐

Enquiry 查詢電郵 : Email

Non-member may join the Staff Association to enjoy the member rate as well as other member benefits. Family of our staff could also join as an Associated Member. Annual membership fee for both membership types is the same at $30.
非會員可加入成為科大教職員協會會員, 即享會員特惠價及其他會員福利。教職員家屬可申請成為附屬會員。正式及附屬會員年費均為30元。

SA membership application form can be downloaded from 申請表格下載網址:

Enquiry: HKUST Staff Association
Email 電郵: