HKUST Staff Association Application For Full Membership

(This form is for Full-time Staff applying for Full Membership only. For other staff / family members applying for Associate Membership, please click here the Associate Membership Application Form at

I being a full-time staff with HKUST Staff ID No. as below mentioned, hereby apply for membership in the HKUST Staff Association. I authorize the Finance Office of HKUST to deduct the HKUST Staff Association Annual Membership Fee from my payroll in July every year.

I understand and accept that the current Annual Membership Fee of the HKUST Staff Association is HK$30. I agree to continue to pay the Annual Membership Fee through deduction from my payroll in the event of any adjustment of the fee as approved at an Annual/ Extraordinary General Meeting of the HKUST Staff Association.

This authorization stands valid at all times except in the event that:
a) my employment with HKUST terminates; or,
b) I withdraw my membership in the HKUST Staff Association in writing.

For the first payment of Annual Membership Fee upon my membership application, I understand and accept that it will be deducted from my payroll either in July or December (*please see footnote).

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* Note: If your membership application happens to miss the membership fee payment exercise in July, the first payment of your membership fee will be deducted from your payroll in December.